Mandatory mask wearing may return in Hungary


As the concentration of coronavirus in wastewater also increased at seven sites, a continuous increase is expected from now on, virologist Miklós Rusvai told Magyar Hírlap.

This trend shows that it is highly unlikely that a larger increase will be expected in October this year, but will begin in September at the latest.

In Debrecen and Nyíregyháza, the latest measurements showed stagnation and low concentrations, but in several of our big cities the level of coronavirus hereditary material in wastewater has already started to rise:

According to the expert, the number of cases will gradually increase in August, while a steep increase is expected at the end of the school start, the leave period.

Regarding the restrictions, he said that countries with a high vaccination rate of over sixty per cent, such as Britain and Israel, also see the need to introduce new rules as infection rates have started to rise.

According to Miklós Rusvai, mask wearing may return soon, which can be introduced mainly in shopping malls, public transport and in closed places.

At indoor events and sporting events, the vaccination card may return, but they may also introduce staff restrictions.

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