A man saved a life, but in return, he almost got fired from his job


The employer of a truck driver in northern Hungary could not believe that he had helped save a life and was therefore late for work.

According to a report by the National Ambulance Service, the man stopped a few days ago to resuscitate an unknown person on the street and then (even after the ambulance arrived) helped save the life on the spot for nearly an hour. Although the patient could be transported to the hospital in a stable condition, the first-aid paramedic was late for work.

His boss couldn’t believe the reason for the delay and threatened to fire the young driver for coming up with such an “incompetent story” as an excuse. Upon hearing the matter, the regional director of the National Ambulance Service immediately arose to defend the lifeguard and approached the employer in person.

Instead of a certificate, however, they arrived with a diploma, which they could hand over to the hero employee in front of the entire management of the shipping company. The once-skeptical boss finally recognized the excellence of his excellent driver with a week of “extraordinary” leave.



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