The heatwave returns, then a change in the weather is expected


The air is warming, we have to prepare for a heatwave again this week: it can be up to 38 degrees Celsius. A cold front accompanied by thunderstorms over the weekend is expected to bring some relief, according to the National Meteorological Service’s national medium-term forecast.

During the day on Monday, there will only be a chance of showers in some places, and a thunderstorm in the northeast. Most sunshine is expected in the Trans-Tisza region. The lowest temperature is between 12-19 degrees and the highest temperature is between 27-32 degrees.

Tuesday will be sunny. No significant rainfall is expected, at most insignificant showers may occur in the north-eastern landscapes. They can measure 12-19 degrees at dawn and 28-34 degrees in the afternoon.

Wednesday will also be sunny with no rainfall. It will be 14-21 degrees in the coldest hours and 32-37 degrees in the afternoon hours.

You can also expect sunny weather on Thursday. No precipitation is expected in most of the country, but rather refreshing showers and thunderstorms can occur in some places in the western borderlands and in the mountains. The wind will pick up mainly in Transdanubia, strong shocks may occur around Sopron and Lake Neusiedl. The minima are between 16-23 and the peaks between 33-38 degrees.

On Friday, in addition to the sunshine, a stronger cumulus cloud formation is likely, and showers and thunderstorms are expected in more and more places from the west and northwest. It could even be a severe thunderstorm. The wind is getting stronger in a larger area, and stormy gusts can occur temporarily in the vicinity of thunderstorms. The lowest temperature is expected between 17-23 degrees. Maximum temperatures in the northwestern regions are only likely to be around 30 degrees, but air in the southeastern and southern counties may still warm above 35 degrees.

On Saturday, in addition to the sunshine, strong cumulus clouds, sporadic showers and thunderstorms are likely. In Transdanubia it is reviving, the wind is getting stronger in some places. The temperature usually rises from 18-23 degrees in the afternoon to 27 to 33 degrees in the afternoon.

On Sunday there is a cumulus cloud, there is a view of sunny weather, the formed cumulus clouds can form scattered showers and thunderstorms. The air movement will be lively, in some places strong. The lowest temperature is likely to be between 16-21, and the highest temperature mostly between 27-33 degrees – read in the forecast.



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