LMP: Opposition Should Jointly Initiate Constitutional Review of Climate Law


The parliamentary groups of the opposition parties should jointly initiate that the Constitutional Court should review the law on climate protection posteriorly, Erzsébet Schmuck, co-leader of LMP, said. The law enacted was initiated by the opposition but the governing parties have rewritten and softened it to such an extent that it is no longer in line with the basic law, she told an online press conference.

Hopefully, the top court will also declare that the purposes and the measures envisaged by the law are insufficient, Schmuck said. For instance, the target of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by 40% as specified by the law should be raised to 60% so that Hungary should not be forced to take rapid and drastic measures involving the limitation of fundamental freedoms in the subsequent two decades, she said. Nor does it comply with the basic law that the climate law fails to declare the imperative of reducing energy consumption, a target that could be attained through a more effective insulation of buildings, Schmuck said.
She announced that LMP would once again submit a bill on reducing carbon emission in Hungary by 65% in this decade.



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