DK Pledges Higher Pay for Teachers


Teachers will benefit from a “decent” pay rise, should the opposition win next year’s election and Klára Dobrev, the candidate of Democratic Coalition (DK), sets up Hungary’s next government, DK’s deputy group leader told an online press conference.


Gergely Arató, citing an assessment based on OECD figures, said that Hungarian teachers receive the second lowest salaries in the EU in comparison with other professionals. In Hungary, secondary-school teachers earn 70% of the average graduate salary, he said, adding that kindergarten and primary school teachers made even less. Arató slammed the government for spending billions of forints on “hunting expos and such gentlemanly passions”, while teachers are “humiliated with paltry salaries”. An opposition government would again make teaching an attractive career for young people and “reward those that train the next generations”.


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