The mass vaccination system is over because it has put a strain on health care


2.5 million people have not registered, but it is still unreasonable to maintain a system of mass vaccination, which will burden health care, the system will switch to “emergency vaccination”, Viktor Orbán announced on Kossuth Radio on Friday morning.

The prime minister also released recent epidemic data: 26 people have died in the past 24 hours, 269 new infections have been registered and 64,000 active infections have been registered. A decision to vaccinate 12-to 15-year-olds is expected in late summer.

Hungary is moving from mass vaccination to emergency vaccination. This means that only a few vaccination sites will be maintained, mass vaccinations will be stopped. According to the prime minister, the trend so far has been reversed: more people now receive a second vaccine than the first. On Wednesday, for example, 11,585 people received the first vaccination and 81,942 people received the second.

What about children?

Orbán said that decisions about vaccinating children over the age of 12 should be made on health and scientific grounds, not on a political basis.

I’m being cautious because it’s about children, the prime minister said. However, they do not want to launch a vaccination campaign for them.

He believed the end of the summer could reach a resting point in this professional debate, until then he asked for patience.

Vaccination certificate

Hungary has so far had bilateral agreements with 11 countries on travel facilitation. Viktor Orbán called it necessary to expand the range of countries that could enter freely, as we do not yet know whether the EU vaccination card, which will be introduced from 1 July, will work.

We are ahead of countries that do not deal with politics. In Hungary, the data and the situation are analyzed and decisions are made based on it. People are always a few weeks behind than decision-makers. In addition, Westerners are still behind the Hungarians, as there are still (in many places) curfews and restrictions. We should not think about the epidemic in a European context, because starting from the Hungarian situation – due to the different regulations – it is not possible to understand the European situation.

“Western European countries want to get into a state of free movement without even having a (vaccination) card,”

said Viktor Orbán.

It will be up to the national authorities to issue a certificate of protection to their own citizens.

The authority was given a deadline of 15 June to add new data to the Hungarian protection card, which would allow it to be in line with the EU vaccination card, which will be issued from 1 July.

Western countries don’t even have a card, people are depressed because of the mask-wearing rule

What does the two-and-a-half-month advantage mean for Hungarians? Now that there are no more restrictions, there is freedom when someone is vaccinated, we slowly don’t even remember what it was like when it wasn’t possible yet (to move freely). The Prime Minister drew attention to the fact that when he goes abroad, he sees that people are depressed because of the restrictions and the mask.

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