Orbán: We are out of the water by the end of May, June


The prime minister’s usual Friday morning radio statement reveals, among other things, that opening schools is a difficult issue, the public is divided on this issue, and their children are, of course, afraid of their people. However, according to Orbán, the figures show that out of nearly 10,000 hospitalized patients, there are 27 children under the age of 14, two of whom need to be ventilated.

In the last 24 hours, 241 patients have died, but the number of hospitalized patients has dropped to less than 10,000. There are currently 1,117 people in need of mechanical ventilation.

According to the Prime Minister, we are close to having more than half of the adult population either vaccinated or have already contracted the disease, which will allow us to start opening up.

The next six weeks will be final

3,145,592 people have been vaccinated, 1.3 million of whom have already received the second dose. The next six weeks will be decisive, they can double the number of people vaccinated, he says “we’re out of the water” by the end of May or June. Of those registered over the age of 65, everyone who could be reached was vaccinated.

So far, 4 million 219 thousand people have registered. The greatest public trust in our village was for the doctor.

Criminal sanctions for vaccinees

According to the prime minister, there are those on the government side who would take criminal action against those who are vaccinated, but he has so far withheld it. There is also debate in Western countries, but it is about how to help people.

HUF 5,000 billion goes to restart the economy – terrace opening

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is in constant consultation with the government, as are the organizations of hotels and caterers. Opening the terraces will be a symbolic step, we will get back a piece of our old life – said Orbán.

The abolition of the terrace fees could not be left to the local governments, because according to Orbán, the experience in this field is bad. He apologized to the municipalities. Regarding the reopening of the terraces, he said: “I am very optimistic.”

Next year’s budget is already being prepared, which, according to Orbán, will be the budget for the restart. HUF 5,000 billion will go to restart the economy, and according to the Prime Minister, more new jobs will be created than were lost due to the epidemic. Orbán sees this as the “budget leg”.



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