Virus researcher: a fourth wave could have a peak next fall


Due to the expected summer reduction of vaccines and the epidemic, a false sense of security can often sustain the spread chains of the epidemic, so that in the autumn even a fourth wave could reach the country, virus researcher Gábor Kemenesi told the Portfolio.

An additional chance for this is that although we are doing relatively well with vaccination in some countries of the world, including Hungary, this is not enough for herd immunity, especially in an otherwise globally spreading epidemic.

This is because the virus can spread and evolve in the unvaccinated population in the rest of the world, and we can already see that the E484K mutation in the coronavirus spike protein has developed independently in several regions of the world.

This mutation makes the virus more resistant to current vaccines.

According to Kemenesi, even in countries such as Hungary, where we are well vaccinated, certain precautions must be maintained in the summer. He emphasizes distance the most, but so is wearing a mask, as it is important to break the chains of infection. We also need to prepare for a possible – and, in his view, certain – fourth wave.

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