Storage of unnecessary ventilators costs 250000 euros a month


The storage of ten thousand ventilators, which were bought unnecessarily during the first wave of the epidemic, costs 250,000 euros a month – writes

The government was able to store the equipment for free at the Gödöllő site of Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd. until September, but since then it has had to be paid for.

In the meantime, the real estate complex with a floor area of more than 160 thousand square meters has changed hands twice. Finally, it was bought by Carion Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt., More precisely, its real estate fund, which was still being registered at that time.

The state maintainer was able to use 7,600 square feet in the first phase of the lease. The rent is HUF 74.3 million per month, on which an operating fee of HUF 13 million and overhead of HUF 3.1 million are charged. Thus, the storage of the often oversupplied ventilator set costs almost HUF 90 million per month.

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