Menczer: the Hungarian vaccination rate is double the EU average


The Hungarian vaccination rate is double the EU average, said the Secretary of State for Information and Hungary’s International Display on the current M1 channel on Thursday morning.

Tamás Menczer said that if the government had not bought Russian and Chinese vaccines, the vaccination in Hungary would now be around the EU average.

He added that the government has gotten seven million doses of Russian and Chinese vaccines, of which 2,300,000 doses have been received so far.

That means the full amount of these could save the lives of 3.5 million people, he said.

He also said that both the Chinese and Russian vaccine manufacturers will deliver the vaccines on time and the government expects that to be the case in the future.

On another issue, he stated that he now considered it clear that people should be protected not only from the virus but also from the Hungarian left.

“I do not have a great opinion of the Hungarian left, but I would not have thought – frankly – that they are capable of such meanness as they have been doing for months now: they risk the lives of Hungarian people.”

– said Tamás Menczer.

In fact, he said, there have been seventy articles in the left-wing press in recent days attacking the Chinese vaccine. By comparison, the Sinopharm vaccine has already been received by more than 120 million people worldwide, he pointed out.



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