Over 4.1 M Register for Vaccination


So far, 4.11 million Hungarians have registered for coronavirus vaccinations, and 64% of them have received at least their first jab, the state secretary heading the central team in charge of the vaccination programme said.

István György welcomed the steady rise in the number of registrations.

Fully 1.5 million registered were older than 65, and 1.4 million people overall have fully inoculated, he said. Patients in the highest risk groups have also received their shots, and most GPs are under way vaccinating active age adults, he added. Some 2.13 million people in the 18-59 age group have registered, and over 800,000 have been inoculated, he said, adding that each registered person would get a shot “within weeks”. Fully 178,000 teachers were given preferential shots in two rounds, representing 80% of the profession, György said, adding shots would be administered to a further 30,000 teachers.

Cecília Müller, the chief medical officer, underlined that the third wave of the pandemic had reached its plateau, with “some indicators showing a slight decrease”, but warned that the virus was becoming more infectious and “the danger is not expected to have receded in the near future”. She noted that the Janssen vaccine had arrived in Hungary, so that now there are six types of vaccine available in the country.




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