Fidesz Calls on Opposition to Withdraw ‘Anti-Vax’ Bill


The ruling Fidesz part called on opposition parties to withdraw their “anti-vaccination resolution proposal”. Fidesz spokesman Róbert Zsigó said in a video statement that the proposal was signed by 50 lawmakers, including Democratic Coalition (DK) leader Ferenc Gyurcsány, Jobbik leader Péter Jakab, Párbeszéd co-leader Tímea Szabó and DK’s Gergely Arató.

The draft resolution, he said, demanded that people over the age of 60 should not be vaccinated with Eastern vaccines, and these should be approved by Brussels before being used in Hungary. Zsigó insisted that if it were up to the opposition, then three million vaccines would not have been administered in Hungary so far. The Fidesz official branded the opposition proposal as “irresponsible”. “We can only beat the virus with vaccines,” he added.

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