Vaccine Acceptance at Record 72% in Hungary


The ratio of Hungarian adults wishing to receive the coronavirus vaccine has gone up from 45% this January to a record 72%, the daily Magyar Nemzet said, citing a survey by the Nézőpont Institute.


Vaccine acceptance grew from 30% last year to 45% in January, when the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was approved, the survey said. Further growth may have been spurred by the growing choice in vaccines, well-organised inoculation points and “pandemic fatigue”, Nézőpont said. About one-fifth of Hungarian adults want to get inoculated but are yet to register, the daily said. Pro-vaccination sentiment is more prevalent among government sympathisers than among opposition voters, the survey has shown. Some 60% of opposition voters and 82% of pro-government voters are ready to accept the vaccine, Magyar Nemzet said. That gap was much smaller at the beginning of the year, with opposition voters lagging behind the full adult population by merely 3 percentage points, the daily said. The survey was conducted nationwide on April 6-7 on a sample of 1,000.


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