LMP Calls on Government to Drop Privatization Plans for Mezőhegyes Stud Farm


Opposition LMP has called on the government to withdraw a draft which aims to privatise a stud farm in Mezőhegyes, in southeast Hungary.


Party co-leader Erzsébet Schmuck said that the “stealing of public funds and transfer of national assets” had accelerated during the coronavirus pandemic. When the government is not “busy enriching Fidesz oligarchs by way of tenders”, it is “stealing public assets using foundations that have been cemented for an infinite future”, she said. LMP believes the latter method serves to set up a “Land of Future Generations Foundation” that will include only “Fidesz-devoted subjects” in its board, she added. Schmuck said they would “gobble up the whole of the Mezőhegyes stud farm which has been fully upgraded from 22 billion forints (EUR 61m) in recent years”. LMP urges changes in agriculture that will enable the production of healthy and nutritious foods in the long term, Schmuck added.



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