Viktor Orban’s Friday morning interview at Kossuth Radio


The conversation began with when Hungary will reach the point in which people’s lives will return to normal, like what’s happening in Britain.

Orbán said:

The virus that is now attacking us is the British mutant. In terms of its destructive power, it is stronger than the virus known a year ago, its firepower is different, the prime minister said. This virus must be destroyed, isolation and containment can only slow its spread, but it can only be destroyed by vaccination.

When asked when we will get to where the British are now, he replied: If enough people will be vaccinated.

Yesterday, the number of registered exceeded 4 million. The number of vaccinees is over 2,700,000, and we will reach 4 million in early May.


The prime minister has announced that, like last year, it will only be in writing, and secondary schools will open after May 10th.

Vaccination rate

Orbán also described the vaccination schedule for the coming weeks.

  • we are currently on 2.7 million vaccinees;
    in early May it will be 4 million;
    it will go up to 5 million in 7-10 days from early May;
    we will hold at 6 million in mid-May;
    and by early June, we will be “able” to vaccinate 7 million people.

Few registered

Orbán fears that there will not be as many registered as vaccines. There are currently 4 million registered, which is why the government is launching a campaign with well-known people to increase vaccination propensity.

Vaccination certificates

According to Orbán, protection certificates will soon make sense, over 4 million people will be able to go to concerts, hotels and social events. According to the Prime Minister, we are close to that. The football season, which starts in mid-June, is also close to the European Championships. You will be able to go to the matches with the certificate of protection.

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