Párbeszéd Calls on Roma Involvement in Charting Schemes Affecting Them


The opposition Párbeszéd party has said Hungary’s Roma community should be consulted when programmes affecting it are created, a party official said.


No government should pass decisions on the Roma without involving them in the process, Párbeszéd’s deputy group leader, Olivio Kocsis-Cake told an online press conference on Thursday marking International Romani Day. Párbeszéd has set up a Roma Workshop charting a programme for discussion with the other opposition parties, he said. Once a common opposition policy is in place, it should be discussed with all Roma interest associations open to such dialogue, he added. Ruling Fidesz’s economic and social policy favours the well-off while telling those in need “to get as well as you can”, Kocsis-Cake said, adding that fresh statistics indicated that the Hungarian Roma’s situation had worsened over the past ten years.



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