Müller: a baby with Covid dies but the virus is not the cause of death


Hungary is second on the EU vaccination rankings. After the number of vaccinees exceeded 2.5 million on Tuesday, a step-by-step restart could begin on Wednesday, Cecília Müller said in an online briefing from the operative board responsible for controlling the coronavirus epidemic.

Shee added that 2,608,084 people had already received the first vaccine. And 1,077,947 people are past the second vaccination.

With this, 26 percent of Hungarians got vaccinated.

It’s all thanks to a lot of diligent hands. We continue to be vaccinated with five types of vaccines and are also discussing the acquisition of effective and safe vaccines. 28,800 doses of Janssen vaccine are expected to arrive. It is a single-dose vaccine, she said.

The national chief medical officer issued tragic news. According to her, an 8-month-old infant will also appear on the list of deceased. She stressed, however, that

the infant died of non-coronavirus infection due to sepsis.

Many in his environment were infected with the coronavirus, so it was confirmed in him, but the pathogenic meningococcal bacterium was clearly detected.

The infant was on the list because he had the coronavirus, but that was not the cause of death. We provide transparent data from the first minute. Anyone who has coronavirus at the time of death is shown in the statistics regardless of the cause of death.

So far, we have not been able to identify a child who has died of a coronavirus infection

She declared.



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