Hungary to ‘Reopen’ When 3 M Inoculated


The government will take steps to ease Covid-related restrictions once 3 million people have been vaccinated, according to the prime minister’s chief of staff.
Over 1.6 million people had received vaccine shots over the past month, Gergely Gulyás said, adding that Hungary was “one of the fastest vaccinating countries” in Europe. He told a press briefing that this was likely to happen within 5-6 days. The number of Hungarians inoculated with at least the first jab is expected to exceed 4 million before the end of April, he said.

Gulyás said there was no significant difference between the vaccines on offer in terms of the level of immunity they provided, adding that the European Medicines Agency had recently judged the AstraZeneca vaccine to be “reliable and effective”. “Any jab is safer than no jab,” Gulyás said.

So far 3.95 million people have registered to be vaccinated, while another 200,000 health-care staff have been inoculated without registration, which means that over 50% of Hungary’s 8 million adults have already been vaccinated or soon will have been, Gulyás said.


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