LMP: Government Building Parallel Power Structure


The opposition LMP accused the government of building parallel power structures by “outsourcing decision making and a substantial amount of public funds, and explaining it with mendacious reasoning.”


László Lóránt Keresztes, the party’s parliamentary group leader, told an online press conference that many of the proposals submitted to this week’s parliamentary session aimed to create foundations that would handle monies outsourced from public funds, and which would be given the right to decision making so far preserved for the government. Keresztes cited the setting up of the Supervising Authority of Regulated Activities as an example. Under the proposal to be discussed by parliament this week, the new authority would have oversight over the trade of tobacco products, judicial execution, the gambling industry, the regulation of absolvent companies, and other areas traditionally under the purview of the justice, finance and economy ministries, Keresztes said. Those issues will now belong to an authority “headed by a leader loyal to the current government, elected for nine years”, he added.

The most “weighty” proposal is the organisation of the entire Hungarian higher education under private foundations where they will operate under political leadership, Keresztes said. “The true aim of the government is to ensure its powers over development funds,” he said. Keresztes said putting important state institutions under political leadership was not national policy or even responsible conduct. Rather, it represents “gobbling up the future of younger generations” and should be combatted at every step, he said.



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