Can someone who has been vaccinated still infect others?


If we take the vaccine, we will almost certainly not be seriously ill, we will not be hospitalized and we will not die, said János Szlávik, chief infectologist of the South Pest Central Hospital, on the InfoRádió program.

The specialist added that this protection only develops one to two weeks after the second vaccination. Admission to the vaccine is also important because there is no effective drug to treat the disease yet, the first of which could be completed no earlier than the end of this year.

“The first vaccination also starts working in the immune system, and antibody production starts in two to three weeks. It can also develop a high level that provides protection, but the second vaccine strengthens the immune response and then develops efficacy above 90 percent” the expert said. He indicated that this number means the probability that the vaccine will prevent infection but will prevent serious illness by 100 percent.

According to him, it is not worth measuring antibody levels after vaccination, because only one of the complex, three-component defenses is the antibody, and it provides false security if its level is too high, but even if it is low, it is unnecessary to worry.

“As long as there is no flock immunity, care must be taken. If someone gets the vaccine, they can get infected, but they will hardly continue to infect others. ”

Relaxation can come in summer

According to János Slavik, Israel is a living example of when it can be opened more widely, and it is worth paying attention to Great Britain and the United States, but also to the fact that in Israel, for example, the vaccination mood began to weaken after reaching 50 percent vaccination.

“Big concessions can’t be made after a quarter of the population has been vaccinated. With that, we can’t get back to our normal lives yet. In the summer, we can get to the point where more serious concessions can be made, ”the chief physician said, adding that for the first time, greater movement in open spaces could come into play. He mentioned as an example that

at a football game in the summer, the crowd can still be dangerous, but on the beach you may not need to sunbathe in a mask.

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