Virologist: Opening is early and risky


Virologist Miklós Rusvai said in his ATV Start show: between March 26 and April 1 the number of infected, hospitalized, ventilated, and then deceased people peaked. Nevertheless, he believes:

the government’s opening plan is risky, according to which as soon as the number of people vaccinated reaches 2.5 million, opening can begin.

The virologist would still be waiting and would rather adjust the start of relief to the results of the wastewater tests as well as the epidemic data (number of infected, hospitalized, ventilated, and deceased).

There is still no consensus, even among professionals, on what precautions will need to be taken in the future. According to Ferenc Falus, a former national chief medical officer, even summer can only be enjoyed in a mask with adequate distance, Rusvai – although he admits that it is worth keeping a mask, for example – from a epidemiological point of view – it would be better if we could finally leave it behind.

We have 2.5 million vaccinated, Orban opens the stores for us.

According to Rusvai, if the schools open on April 19, its effects, if any, will be reflected in the epidemic data in early May. In his opinion, however, due to the vaccination rates, a maximum of a short halt in the decline can be expected, not an increase.

Regarding the vaccination, he stressed that in his opinion, it should not be picked, now everyone should still accept the vaccination offered.

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