Church Leaders Celebrate Easter

God “faithfully loves man, especially in troubled times,” Cardinal Péter Erdő, the head of the Hungarian Catholic Church, told MTI on Saturday, celebrating Easter.

The cardinal said Jesus “thanked his Father while preparing for torture and death” at the Last Supper. Erdő said that during the past year of the pandemic ties between people had been strengthened in spite of physical isolation. “It has become natural for people to pay more attention to each other,” he said. Erdő said he was not afraid that people would “get unaccustomed to going to church” and that he was seeing “just the opposite”. Bishop Zoltán Balog, head of the synod of the Hungarian Reformed Church, said that this year believers may experience “the sense of despair and pain of Good Friday, as well as the resurrection and the hope of a new life on a deeper level”. Referring to pastors visiting Covid patients in hospital, Balog said that current times were “shocking and difficult”, and he quoted the prophet Jeremiah as saying that “death has climbed in through our windows”.
Bishop Tamás Fabiny, the head of the Hungarian Evangelical Lutheran Church, told MTI that Jesus is stronger than church walls and can speak to people in quarantine just as he did to his disciples.


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