Orbán: Vaccination Only Way to Stop Virus

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said that vaccination was the only way to stop the coronavirus epidemic, adding that restrictions could only slow down the pandemic.


Orbán told public news channel M1 that the third wave was triggered by the British virus variant which is more aggressive than previous variants and is spreading faster. As long as infections were isolated cases, lockdown and staying at home helped but the current mass infection cannot be stopped, only slowed down with the help of the lockdown and restrictions. “There is only one cure and there is only one way to stop it instead of simply slowing it down. It is the vaccines that can stop and kill the virus,” he said. It follows that all efforts should be focused on vaccination, he added.

Orbán said that as of Wednesday, Hungary had enough vaccines for 2,011,029 people. Vaccines for 2,356,000 will be available by April 4 and for 4,121,000 by early May, he added. These volumes include both eastern and western vaccines, he said. Orbán said he expected that enough vaccine will be available by late May or early June to inoculate 7 million people. He expressed hope that all registered persons will have received their first shots by late April or early May.



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