MOL, State to Establish Foundation


Hungarian oil and gas company MOL has said it will partner with the state of Hungary to establish a foundation, dubbed MOL New Europe Foundation, to fulfil its corporate responsibility objectives.


The foundation is expected to be established as a “public interest trust foundation providing public tasks” in Q2 or Q3 2021 with equal capital contributions by the state and MOL, it said in a statement. MOL and its subsidiaries will transfer 42,977,996 shares – about 5.2% of share capital – to the foundation whose operation will be financed mainly from dividends on shares offered by the founders. The foundation will focus on the areas of sport, culture, health and environmental protection, and it will take over most of the corporate social responsibility activities carried out by MOL at present. MOL holds 7.37% of its shares in treasury. The state holds a 5.24% stake in MOL.


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