Hungary Vaccination Rate Highest in EU

Hungary’s coronavirus vaccination rate is now the highest in the European Union, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has said.

Fully 21.6% of the Hungarian population has received at least the first dose of one of the available vaccines, while 6.6% has received both jabs, ECDC said. Hungary is followed by Malta (21.5/9.5%), Finland (17.5/2%), and Estonia (16.5/5.4%). According to ECDC figures, 12.3% of the EU’s total population has received at least the first jab so far.

Hungary has a good chance of inoculating 2 million people against coronavirus by Monday evening, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said. “The inoculation drive is progressing well,” the PM said in a video message on Facebook on Monday. Orbán said “efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic continued in Hungary on Palm Sunday,” and he thanked health-care workers for their efforts. “Our doctors and nurses have been up to the job and Hungary’s health-care system has also coped well under pressure,” Orbán said. He said that teachers have now been moved up on the inoculation list to receive their jabs and asked them to register for vaccination by midnight on Monday, so that kindergartens and schools could reopen as soon as possible.


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