Gulyás: Teacher Union PDSZ Bent on Conflict With Government


Even in “the most difficult phase” of the coronavirus pandemic, teachers’ union PDSZ “is focused primarily on generating conflict with the government”, Gergely Gulyás, the prime minister’s chief of staff, said on Facebook. Gulyás noted that the cabinet decided on Wednesday to vaccinate teachers in kindergartens, and primary and secondary schools ahead of schedule.


“One would think that PDSZ would be satisfied, and even if they do not go as far as to praising the government, they would commend themselves, given that their demands have been met,” he said. However, even now, the union “is berating the government and trying – unsuccessfully – to rally teachers against the reopening of schools…” he added.

Gulyás said there were many whose jobs required them to come into contact with a lot of people on a daily basis, but were not getting inoculated out of turn. However, with the education of future generations being a task that requires the highest degree of responsibility, PDSZ had been right to demand the vaccination of teachers, as had the government for agreeing to it, he added. He noted that the union had asked the prime minister for the closure of schools and the switch to online classes in February. The government complied with the request within one week, he said, noting that PDSZ had also said that if teachers were to be vaccinated while schools were closed, both primary and secondary schools could be reopened according to strict epidemiological protocols. Gulyás confirmed that teachers will be vaccinated in early April.

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