Key Infrastructure Staff to Be Vaccinated


Hungary will begin vaccinating its critical infrastructure workers against coronavirus, the chief medical officer said.

The next category to be inoculated will be people working in key sectors, including electricity distribution companies and public transport, Cecília Müller told an online press briefing of the operative board responsible for coordinating Hungary’s efforts to handle the coronavirus pandemic. With the virus spreading even more rapidly than before, the operative board and the national vaccination working group have decided to expand Hungary’s vaccination programme to cover the employees of Budapest transport authority BKK, the Paks nuclear power plant in central Hungary, state-owned energy company MVM and railway companies MÁV and GYSEV, Müller said. “We must expand the circle of vaccine recipients while continuing to inoculate those over the age of 65 at vaccination points and general practitioners’ clinics,” she insisted. The chief medical officer also said that while Hungary was making good progress with its vaccination programme, it still did not have access to a sufficient amount of vaccines.


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