Spring has finally arrived, but there will be difficulties ahead


In the following days, there may be snow, showers, but the weather is also warming up, in some places it can be as high as 19 degrees on weekends – according to the national medium-term forecast of the National Meteorological Service.

On Monday, in addition to longer or shorter periods of the day, there is a sporadic snowfall, in some places snow. The wind can be strong, especially in Western Transdanubia and in the northeast. In the coldest hours, the temperature is between minus 5 and plus 2, during the day it is between plus 6 and 9 degrees.

Showers, snow showers and snow in some places may occur on Tuesdays, but sunny weather is also expected. The wind will be strong in several places. The minima are mostly minus 8 and 0, the maxima are between 7-13 degrees.

There will be a lot of sunshine on Wednesday, but the sky will be cloudier to the west, and there may be showers and snow showers in some places. The wind was confirmed in several places. The lowest temperature is between minus 4 and plus 4, the highest temperature is between 7 and 12 degrees.

The sun shines for several hours on Thursdays and Fridays, as there may be showers in some places. Minimum temperatures are likely to be between minus 5 and plus 3 on Thursdays and minus 4 and plus 3 degrees on Fridays. Daytime maximums range from 8 to 14 degrees on Thursdays and 10 to 18 degrees on Fridays.

On Saturday, the clouds will gradually increase, and at the same time the chances of rain and rain will increase in some way. In the coldest hours, the temperature is between 0 and plus 6, during the day between 12-19 degrees.

On Sunday, the clouds will drop and the sun may shine for several hours in several places. There is less and less chance of light rain or showers. The air will warm from 1-6 degrees in the morning to 10-17 degrees in the afternoon – read in the forecast.



Photo: MTI / Péter Komka

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