Müller: The vaccine is being developed with the University of Debrecen, the number of infected people has increased tremendously


Due to the spread of the British virus mutation in Hungary, the number of infected people may increase tremendously, the national chief medical officer said at an online press conference of the operative bord responsible for the control of the coronavirus epidemic.

Cecília Müller added that the epidemic curve is steep upwards, with 6,502 new infections identified over the past day.

She stressed that it is therefore very important to follow the rules of hygiene, distance and wearing a mask, and to avoid unnecessary contacts.

She said the number of vaccinees had reached 1,442,000, more than 400,000 of whom also received the second vaccination. Of the 6752 designated vaccination points, 6,000 are active.

She said that on Thursday, 54,000 doses of Moderna and 21,600 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine arrived in Hungary; the latter is less than one-third of the expected quantity. The amount of vaccine limits the rate of vaccination.

Interest in the vaccine is growing steadily: 3.3 million have already registered and almost half of them have been vaccinated, the chief medical officer said.

Over the next few days, GPs will receive enough AstraZeneca vaccine to vaccinate 10 patients, and an average of 44 patients can be referred to vaccination sites, where Sputnik V and Pfizer vaccines are available, she said.

GPs can ask the municipalities for administrative help in organizational tasks that do not require expertise, which works well in many places, said Cecília Müller.

The hospital cares for 10,386 coronavirus patients, 1,170 of whom are on ventilators, and 207 coronavirus patients have died in the past day, including young people, Cecília Müller said.

The specialist put it this way, “it’s not far from the time to open it”. She asked everyone to consistently adhere to epidemiological regulations, paying maximum attention to himself and his fellow human beings.

According to the forecasts of epidemiologists, mathematicians and sewage tests, the number of infected people is expected to increase in the coming weeks, the chief medical officer announced.

She reported that several virus variants that cannot be adequately detected by conventional PCR assays have been described in articles.

However, in Hungary, not one but three antigens are tested against other countries, so that the currently known virus strains can be identified.

Cecília Müller mentioned that the development of the Hungarian vaccine is taking place in the safety laboratory of the National Public Health Center together with the University of Debrecen. During the work, the virus strains isolated in Hungary will be processed, so she is confident that the effectiveness of the new vaccine will be at least as good as that of the five vaccines currently used in Hungary.

The chief physician said outdoor walking, individual sports are allowed and encouraged everyone to put this on their agenda as exercise is good for both physical and mental health.



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