Müller: We are witnessing the most critical weeks of epidemic management


We are witnessing the most critical weeks of epidemic management, with data peaking day by day – said the national chief medical officer at an online press conference by the operational board responsible for controlling the coronavirus epidemic on Wednesday.

Cecília Müller stressed that they are working hard to reduce the number of deaths, which reached 195, the highest figure so far.

She added that hospitals are saturating, with 10,284 already in need of institutional care, 1,128 of them in need of ventilation. According to the national chief medical officer, the infection should be avoided, hygiene rules should be followed and vaccination should be taken.

“There is no time to wait, nothing to wait for,”

– she said, stressing that all vaccines available in Hungary are effective, protecting against serious complications and fatalities.

Presenting the environmental health data, the national chief medical officer stated that the number of infected people is expected to increase for another week or two.



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