Karácsony Backs Initiative for Hungarians Abroad to Vote By Mail


Gergely Karácsony, Budapest’s mayor and the co-leader of the opposition Párbeszéd party, has said he backs an initiative aimed at giving Hungarians living abroad the right to vote by mail.


Karácsony wrote on Facebook on Wednesday that no one in a political community should be made to feel like second-class citizens, adding that ties between Hungarians who have moved abroad and the motherland needed to be strengthened.

A foundation headed by Gábor Vona, the former leader of nationalist party Jobbik, recently launched the initiative that asks voters: “Do you agree that voters with a permanent address in Hungary who were abroad on polling day be able to vote by mail in the parliamentary elections?” Currently, the electoral law states that Hungarian citizens who are also citizens of neighbouring countries have the right to vote by mail.




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