Hungary in Critical Phase of Pandemic Management


Hungary is in “the most critical” period of its management of the coronavirus pandemic, with the country registering record caseload and deaths each day, the chief medical officer said on Wednesday.


Health authorities are doing all they can to bring down the death rate, Cecília Müller told an online press briefing of the operative board responsible for handling the pandemic, noting that Hungary saw a record 195 Covid-19 fatalities on Tuesday. Meanwhile, hospitals are close to reaching full capacity, with 10,284 Covid patients hospitalised, 1,128 of them on ventilators, she said.

Müller urged the public to observe hygiene regulations and get vaccinated. “There’s no time to wait; there’s nothing to wait for,” she said, emphasising that all five vaccines in use in Hungary were effective in preventing serious complications from the disease. Müller said the number of new daily Covid cases was expected to keep rising “for the next 1-2 weeks”.


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