The mayor keeps winning the lottery, which is why he is rich


He claims he didn’t take anything out of the common, he’s simply exceptionally lucky.

Image: A naked woman’s body was “served” beside the cake on the mayor’s 40th birthday.

Zoltán Balázs, the mayor of Heves County, which has 2,000 inhabitants, explained to Blikk how he got rich.

The mayor has been criticized for many years for his remarkably good financial situation. Zoltán Balázs explained to the paper that he simply wins the lottery often.

The mayor told Blikk that he never took a single penny out of people’s money and that the attacks and critiques against him are a part of a “narrow circle attacking all developments”.

Regarding his financial situation, he said that he earns 400 thousand forints a month, and although he replaced his old Volkswagen with a cool BMW, he also sold a family house, and lately, he has been lucky – regularly.

“I had sixes three times in the Scandinavian lottery, four times four in the lottery five, and I already managed the Joker total. Last year I won tens of millions of forints. ”

The mayor told the paper.

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