PM: Hungary in Europe’s Top Vaccine League


“This is a great moment,” Viktor Orbán said, standing on the airport tarmac next the cargo plane that made the delivery. “Hungary has received vaccines for another 450,000 people, saving them from the disease and possible death,” Orbán said in the video posted on Facebook. The prime minister appealed to Hungarians to register for the vaccine. “This is a good vaccine; I was inoculated with it.” Orbán added that if the vaccines now delivered were administered in the days to come, Hungary would remain in the European vanguard in terms of the inoculation rate. Orbán, who was vaccinated on Feb. 28, said Hungary was not “competing with other European nations. We want to defeat the virus … and save as many Hungarians as possible.”
Hungary’s seniors will receive their coronavirus shots by Easter “depending on the number of those registered”, the prime minister’s chief of staff told a briefing. Gergely Gulyás said the elderly were the age group with the highest ratio of people who have registered for the jab. Several hundred thousand of them are still unregistered, however, he noted.



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