Cecília Müller: two young people who had no underlying disease also died because of the virus


“The number of new infections is increasing day by day, we are in a steep ascent of the epidemic,” stressed Cecília Müller. The national chief medical officer, describing the daily data, said there were 5,653 new infections and 179 deaths were mostly in elderly, chronic patients. More and more of those infected are in need of hospital treatment.

“Our doctors are facing more and more serious cases, and often patients come out of the circle of young people. They are required to have a ventilator within hours of being admitted to the hospital. We seem to be running out of power, but we can’t afford that at this stage, ” – she stressed.

The rules introduced are minimum requirements in the present situation. It’s not just about our own health, but we endanger each other and the community if we don’t follow the rules, she explained.

She said 179 people had died, including two young people in their thirties. Complete data on them are not yet available, but based on current knowledge, they did not have an underlying disease.

“We’re talking systemic disease. While we faced a respiratory illness a year ago, it has since been shown to affect several of our organs ”.

The coronavirus can infect the entire body and cause inflammation of the inner wall of blood vessels, but they still don’t know much about the disease.

All contacts and social contacts, which are not urgent, should be postponed now, the chief medical officer asked.

They want to finish vaccinating registered people over the age of eighty. Anyone who has not yet done so should register, as this is the only way for the GP to be informed that there is a need for vaccination, she explained.

If the patient wants to take the vaccine but is unable to go to the office, their GPs should visit them at home, she said.

Anyone who gets to the hospital can be sure that they will receive proper treatment: there are enough beds and ventilators. Each of the vaccines we use is effective and we are well aware that they provide adequate immunity for two weeks after the first dose. “Even one vaccine is a big step towards protection,” she highlighted.

Vaccinations are performed at hospital vaccination points with Sputnik V and Pfizer vaccines. We are fine with vaccinating the elderly, but we want to cover and protect them now.

Speaking to young people, she said they should take responsibility with the discipline of following the rules.

“Anyone who has had the disease and is healed, please sign up for a plasma transfusion to help the other patients in the hospital. One of the conditions is that they must be asymptomatic for two weeks before that and those between the ages of 18-60 can donate blood, ” – she explained.

The number of new infections was 5,653, bringing the total number of identified infections to 480,860 since the outbreak began. The majority of the deaths were 179 elderly and chronic patients, bringing the number of deaths to 16,325.

Vaccination is ongoing, with 1,107,791 people already vaccinated, of which 317,906 have already received their second vaccination. We are in the ascending period of the third wave of the epidemic, with an increasing number of active infected and hospitalized patients, which is why the government has decided to tighten the restrictions that came into effect on Monday.



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