Hungary Covid Situation ‘Extremely Grave’

The past few days have seen an “unprecedented upsurge” of the coronavirus epidemic in Hungary, making the situation “extremely grave”, the chief medical officer has said.

Addressing an online briefing, Cecília Müller noted that the number of active infections has grown by “five to ten thousand people in the past couple of days”. The number of people in hospital and on ventilators in the past 24 hours, 8,270 and 833 respectively, both broke the records of Dec. 7 for the highest number of people on ventilators (674) and Dec. 8 for the highest number of hospitalised patients (8,045), she said. The health-care system is hit hard by the high patient numbers, with new wards being opened for Covid patients every day, she added. Meanwhile, trace amounts of coronavirus in the waste water have grown in every Hungarian city, she said, forecasting a further increase in case numbers.

So far, 1,047,045 people have received their first dose of a Covid vaccine, and 314,485 people have received both shots, she said. The chief medical officer warned, however, that the vaccine tended to provide a “false sense of security”, noting that it takes at least two to three weeks for the vaccine to build immunity.


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