DK Slams Government for Health-Care Changes ‘Threatening Lives of Tens of Thousands’


Opposition Democratic Coalition on Thursday slammed the government for introducing changes in health care that they said “threaten the lives of tens of thousands”.

DK board member Olga Kálmán told an online press conference that since the cabinet decided to lift certain hospitals’ obligation to cater for local patients, it is up to ambulances to find one in fifteen designated hospitals in Budapest and Pest county that has room to cater for new cases. Since the department of internal medicine has been converted in many hospitals to receive corona patients only, there is hardly any room left for other patients, including those that suffered a stroke or a heart attack, she added.

Kálmán said that in addition, hospital staff are also burdened with having to sign new work contracts. She said there were staff enough for three entire hospitals that refused to sign the new contracts, which “again proves that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is unable to control the situation, unable to handle the crisis and run the government.”


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