Cold weather may be expected this afternoon


The sky will be mostly cloudy or overcast, but in the afternoon the clouds may be more intermittent, and in the early evening a definite cloud decrease will start in the north, at the earliest in Northern Transdanubia – read the meteorological service forecast.

Precipitation is expected in several places, especially in the first half of the day, which is increasingly limited to the southern and central parts of the country in the afternoon and evening.

In addition to rain and sleet, snowfall may occur mainly in the Northern Central Mountains. The wind turning to the north-west is accompanied by lively, especially in Northern Transdanubia strong, possibly stormy gusts in Northern Transdanubia.

The highest daytime temperatures are generally expected to be between 3 and 8 degrees in the northern counties and between 8 and 13 degrees elsewhere, with air cooling in the northern landscapes from late in the morning. By late evening, the air may cool down to -2, +5 degrees.

The Timeline depicts the cold burglary with an animated video:

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