Menczer: The whole of Europe is waiting for the Russian and Chinese vaccines


The whole of Europe is waiting for the Chinese and Russian vaccines, they are queuing for them, while Hungary has already received both vaccines, the State Secretary for Information and International Presentation of Hungary said on Tuesday on the M1 channel.

It was suggested in the program that, according to Klára Dobrev, the MEP of the DK, the government deliberately does not call the EU vaccine framework for Hungary.

Tamás Menczer reacted to this: “what the left has been trying to do in recent days is a net lie”. Hungary has tied up all available vaccines that could be received by October, the amount the left is talking about, perhaps in December of this year. The left may have only wanted to vaccinate in December, but the government has a different intention, he added.

According to the Secretary of State, the problem at the moment is not that the government has not tied up enough vaccines, but that these vaccines are not arriving, as only five percent of the quantity ordered has been received through purchases in Brussels so far.

He stressed that while the government said the vaccine issue was not a political but a health issue, the left – led by Ferenc Gyurcsány – launched a coordinated and planned attack on the procurement of vaccines.

“They said everything about us, they said that we were carrying out a human experiment, we were just not called a mass murderer,” said Tamás Menczer, adding that the leading states of the union believe that we should have procured vaccines similar to Hungary’s.

He also said the effectiveness of the government’s vaccine procurement is shown by the fact that, according to the latest statistics, Hungary is the third country in the European Union in terms of vaccination.

“It’s also important to emphasize that we’re not competing with each other, we’re not competing with other countries, I wish them well that their vaccinations are going well and that as many people as possible are getting the vaccine. We compete with the virus, the trouble, and the only solution against the virus is a vaccine, ”Tamás Menczer emphasized.

He noted that more Russian and Chinese vaccine shipments are expected, so he hopes that Hungarian indicators will continue to improve.

The Secretary of State of Kossuth Radio Good morning, Hungary! In his show, he also called the criticism of vaccination cards by the left a lie. He added that no agreement had yet been reached in the European Union on who and what the vaccination certificate entitles him to.

“At the moment, it looks like someone will get something someday, which will entitle them to something,” Tamás Menczer pointed out. He added that as the whole of Europe is waiting for the Russian and Chinese vaccines, it is hard to imagine that people vaccinated with them would be excluded.

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