PM Flags Stricter Travel Rules

Hungary’s borders must be tightened and stricter travel rules introduced in light of the big escalation of the coronavirus epidemic, Viktor Orbán said in an interview to public radio.

Even business people must understand that viral variants must be radically curbed, even for business trips beyond Europe’s borders, the prime minister said, adding that many people were planning trips to “exotic destinations” which were getting more affordable in the current circumstances, noting that some of the more infectious virus mutations were from Africa. Orbán also noted that the operative body responsible for handling the epidemic ordered hospitals to ramp up their level of preparedness at its meeting this morning, and this level would be the same as during the critical phases of the epidemic in April and November last year. During the past 24 hours, 4,668 new infections were reported, he said, and the number of infections is expected to increase drastically in the weeks ahead, putting an increased burden on the health-care system, Orbán added.

Orbán warned that in the third wave of the epidemic many tens of thousands could lose their jobs. He noted that 55,000 fewer people have a job than a year ago, adding that at least as many jobs must be created in the coming months.


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