Government Urges GPs to Form Community Practices


The government backs the formation of family doctor “community practices” and is allocating 100 billion forints (EUR 280m) more this this year to primary health-care services, the minister of human resources said.

Miklós Kásler said that the groups will be organised locally by family doctors, paediatricians and dentists, as well as by doctors of various specialisations. Meanwhile, the magnitude of a planned “historic” pay rise for doctors, he said, would be based on the number of years practiced and “the level of practice community they choose”. A pay rise for nurses and assistants in primary care will be determined based on the number of years spent in the profession only, Kásler said, adding that they will benefit from 18 billion forints allocated for the purpose. Community practice members, according to the government’s proposal, would be available to patients for at least 20 hours a week, while they would also agree to fill in for other members and provide higher level services in general, Kásler said. GPs have been given a Feb. 28 deadline to indicate if they wish to join a community group.


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