DK Accuses Government of Rejecting EU Vaccines


The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) on Thursday accused the government of intentionally snubbing the European Union’s offer of certain vaccines to suit its “anti-EU agenda”.

DK MEP Klára Dobrev told an online briefing that Hungary was entitled to far more EU vaccines than it is currently receiving, and accused the government of having committed to far less from the EU than the country would otherwise get based on the size of its population. Hungary’s vaccination rate is currently below that of Romania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, even though these countries only accept vaccines approved by the EU, she added. Dobrev accused the government of risking the health and lives of Hungarians on the back of its “political games”. She also underlined that DK was pro-vaccination and she said everyone should get inoculated “with EU-approved vaccines”.

In response, ruling Fidesz called on Hungary’s left-wing parties to stop their “anti-vaccination campaign and lies”. The party said in a statement that DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány and the entire left wing were hindering anti-epidemic efforts, “spreading fake news … and purposely trying to create uncertainty about vaccines”. It added that Dobrev had lied about the availability of vaccines, and “contrary to her claim, Hungary has actually tapped all available vaccines”.


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