LMP to Submit Resolution Proposal Protecting Local Municipalities


Opposition LMP will submit a resolution proposal to parliament to protect local municipalities from “government restrictions”, group leader László Lóránt Keresztes said.

He told an online press conference that LMP wants to ensure that local municipalities receive the necessary resources to operate public services. LMP will contact all government party lawmakers directly to highlight to them the problems caused by the shortage of resources in their municipalities, he added. As a result of the withdrawal of funding, several local municipalities are almost unable to function, and last week the government made it clear that it would not negotiate about this issue with them, Keresztes said. Less money is available for public lighting, drinking water supplies and public transport, and the situation is made even worse by the coronavirus pandemic, he added. LMP will involve professional organisations in preparing an action plan and a financial plan that will help address systemic problems after next year’s elections, he said.




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