LMP Urges Changes to Education System


If the future of the country’s youth is important, the government should make a number of changes to the education system, the co-leader of opposition LMP said on Saturday.

Máté Kanász-Nagy told an online press conference that the compulsory schooling age should be raised back to 18 from 16, while the quality and selection of teaching materials should be increased. LMP wants to see teaching materials that prepare students for the changing challenges of a changing world, ones that develop their abilities and skills, he added. He said the number of drop-outs must be reduced, and a system of career counselling should be introduced. He added that the failure to include knowledge of globalisation in matriculation examination requirements was a “serious step backwards”. Kanász-Nagy pressed for universal free tuition for at least the first degree in tertiary education, and said universities should not be farmed out to foundations, but remain under the stewardship of the state, while ensuring their autonomy.




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