“What will the village say?” – a man almost died during sex in a settlement in the Northern Great Plain


The National Ambulance Service shared on its social media page that they had to go to a rather strange incident that nearly ended in tragedy.

A husband in his 50s became ill while making love in a village in the Northern Great Plain in early January. The man’s bloodstream had collapsed while he was in his wife’s arms without any prior complaint. After the initial horror, the woman gathered all her strength and followed the life-saving instructions of the routine rescue director with precision. Although the heroic wife began to resuscitate her husband sobbing, the rescue units alerted to her help quickly took over and life-saving continued at an elevated level. The paramedics, struggled to save the man’s life on the bedroom floor, then they were successful. Eventually, the man could be transported to a hospital in a stable condition, where he immediately underwent further life-saving interventions.

– says the ambulance report.

The story has been heavily shared by contributors, with several complaining that the person is identifiable and gossiping about it, becoming a target.



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