Christmas Markets Switch to Online this Festive Season

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Christmas Markets are closed this season due to the pandemic, but shops have opened online to continue sales.


The world-famous and popular Christmas Markets in Budapest were sadly cancelled this year due to the pandemic. The tradition of these markets started in 1998. Since opening, they have offered nearly 800,000 visitors a year the ultimate Christmas experience with booths decorated in Christmas lights, sales of traditional Hungarian foods and handcrafted items.

However, despite not being able to open in-person this year the Christmas markets will live on. They have moved to an online space with the help of the Budapest Festival and Tourism Center (BFTK). The site includes nearly 50 creators in six different categories.

The selection of handcrafted items include leather goods, wood works, ceramics, home décor, textiles, and jewelry. The online platform is easily accessible and brings all craftsmen to one place.

From the website, a customer can click on any craftsmen to read about their work and see pictures of their products. The site also has the craftsmen’s contact numbers and links to their web shops where direct purchases can be made.

This Christmas, it is important to continue traditions of purchasing beautiful handcrafted items. Not only are these one-of-a-kind gifts they also help small businesses who make these products with heart and soul to survive this unprecedented holiday season.

Click here to access the website.


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