Ministry Seeks Doors Among Recovered Patients for Serum


The ministry of innovation and technology is seeking blood plasma donors among people who have recovered from the novel coronavirus epidemic for a therapy, currently in an experimental phase, which aims to alleviate patients’ symptoms.

A team of researchers working on the project is ready to administer the serum this week, the ministry said. Medical tests and scientific research have shown that the Cytokine storm, an overreaction of the immune system, could be hindered by injecting healthy serum, the statement said. If the serum originates from a donor who has recovered from the infection, the high level of antibodies in their blood could make the treatment more effective, it added.

The project supported by the ministry is managed by deputy rector for research at the University of Physical Education, Zsombor Lacza, who is also the CEO of the company OrthoSera, specialised in developing serum-based technologies for orthopaedic, dental or sports surgery. Support from the ministry has enabled the company to devote its capacities to serum therapy, the statement said.

The most important element of the new therapy is to find people who have recovered from the disease and built up immunity against the virus.


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