The great strawberry swindle: extremely expensive fake Hungarian strawberries


Import, Greek and Spanish strawberries are sold as Hungarian ones at the markets – says a Hungarian farmer.

As he says, the Spanish import strawberries were “transformed” by ripping their wrappings off and by putting them into Hungarian plastic boxes. The farmer was outraged by the repackaging because customers do not buy his Hungarian strawberries but the fake Hungarian ones. The imported strawberries could be imported at a rate of 300 HUF per kilograms, and even if the fake sellers were offered their fruits at double or triple prices, they would have been even cheaper than the farmer’s Hungarian strawberries.

The cheap import strawberries are sold as Hungarian strawberries for 1.000-1.800 HUF per kilograms.

So the customers are misled, as they buy the cheap import fruits as expensive Hungarian ones. Besides, Hungarian farmers are discredited, because customers think that Hungarian strawberries are tasteless.



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