Italian luggage thieves caught by Hungarian police


Several luggage thefts have been reported on the Rome-Budapest flights recently, says the National Headquarters of Hungarian Police.

The Hungarian Airport Police have placed a luggage on a Rome-Budapest flight with a significant amount of cash in it as a bait. When the flight has arrived in Budapest, the money was missing from the above-mentioned luggage. Meanwhile, three passengers of the flight have called the police that their luggage were opened. When the flight landed in Budapest, it turned out that nine luggage were opened by unknown perpetrators.

After the incident, the Italian Airport Police were informed immediately. Thanks to a thorough investigation, officers of the Italian Airport Police have found the cash and other items: Italian baggage handlers have stolen them.

As airport luggage theft is an international phenomenon, the police continue to advise passengers not to leave cash, jewelry and laptops, tablets, cell phones in their luggage.



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