Mol workers can be seen using the toilet in the new headquarters

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For weeks, you could see what was going on in the toilets from the street, but the company stepped in. However, one window was left out – which can be read in the article.

A few weeks ago, the employees of Mol took possession of the headquarters located at the Kopaszi dam. One of the characteristics of the building was that the washrooms had a transparent glass wall, so anyone could actually see how the male employees go to the bathroom.

At least from the back, because the urinals are mounted on the inner wall.

Telex pointed out that the photo started to spread on the Internet, which shows a couple of employees peeing behind the glass windows, several meters high.

The portal asked Mol about the urinals.

We are aware of the situation and have taken the necessary steps

– the company replied.

The “necessary step” in this case meant that most of the glass walls were covered, but even so, a window was left where they gave insight into intimate moments.


Photo: MTI/Zoltán Balogh

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